Fan Bare Fuck

Enjoyed meeting a long time fan. Great sex, hot ass, owned his beefy ass and he dished it out. Ball licking, face fucking, all over the house fucking, cream pied his ass. Piss seen with my face is on my site. Full version with extra dialogue on my site #biversbear

2 thoughts on “Fan Bare Fuck”

  1. so fucking hot man … love that furry construction dad body of yours .. Im also a dad , bottom muscled hairy daddyman looking to be fucked royally especially by you.. I think your hairy man fucking videos are so hot…
    Like you fucking a hairy bossman bottom.

    Id love to see more of those if youre taking suggestions and scenarios feel free to contact me for suggestions and be great to see some hairy daddymen/hairy bossman getting the tables turned on him and being royally fucked up the ass by you … Of course he would be leaving wth the biggest smile on his face and sleeping well at night…

    Yes please a video like this would be hot… are you actively recruiting?

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