Fetish n Fuck

Long session of Foot washing, fucking and man stink, piss and raunch. Great hook up with a fan who loved all my smell. Washed my feet with his tongue before we got into some raw fucking. This video is available on my site without any face blurs. Second part will contain all the raunchy piss play and cum

2 thoughts on “Fetish n Fuck”

  1. Hey man. Ohhhh. That’s very nice vid. Ohhhh. I want you sucking my cock man. You let me horny. Let me horny. Yeahhhhhhhh. Yeahhhhh. Very hot. Very sexy. Ohhh man. Ohhh man. One more wounderful vid.

  2. Hot video… Sexy hairy body I’d love to fill your mouth with piss and have you suck me while running my fingers through your hairy body and playing with your hairy ass until you ask me to fill it too

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