Cub from Plane- P2

Got signals from this dude on the plane. Turned on Growlr alerts nearby him at the luggage pick. Shared a couple of eye glances. Made our way to the bathroom. Nothing happened but I felt it. Later at my hotel nearby he showed up on Growlr. I had him clean my sweaty feet. Used a belt as a leash. Fed him , used him as deep throat flesh-light, rimmed him good and fucked him. Then pushed air up his ass, bloated his fuck tract and made him fart . This was not quikie leaks. he is now a fan

2 thoughts on “Cub from Plane- P2”

  1. This video is SOOOO hot, but I think you accidentally showed your handsome face at 11 min, I guess you don’t want that becaused you always edited it for privacy, or it’s a surprise for us loyal fans lol.

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